5 Places To Visit in Gambia

5 Places To Visit in Gambia

Abuko Nature Reserve


This is Gambia’s first reserve, it was formed in the 1960s and is the most visited tourist attraction in the country. It is a 260 acre reserve with 3 primate species, over 300 bird species, galagos, antelopes, porcupines, crocodiles and African palm Civets.

Albert Market 


This is a street market located in Banjul, Gambia. It was built in the 19th century and named after the husband of Queen Victoria, Prince Albert Saxe-Couberg. At the time Gambia was a British colony. The market is divided into 3 sections. The retail market produces the hardware and clothes the locals produce. The produce markets sell fruits, vegetables, fish and dried goods. The tourist market is the final section where arts and crafts are sold.

Tanji Village Museum


The Tanji village is a colourful and vibrant fishing village. It is a large fishing port with an amazing scenery. Tourists can watch the fishermen bring in their boats as well as smoke the fish they catch. The village museum itself is like a kilometre beyond the village along the Komobo Coastal road. In the museum you can find cultural displays and art work.

Lemon fish Art Gallery


The building has 2 public viewing halls with contemporary African heart. The gallery is located in a village called Kartong and it was opened in 2005. There are cultural workshops for art students as well as souvenirs shops. There are guests rooms available with 24 hour service.

River Gambia National Park


This national park was established in 1978 and is located in the Niamina East District and it lies on the left bank of the River. It covers an Area of 585 hectares and has the vegetation of a typical rainforest. The national park is home to the Chimpanzee, green monkey, Guinea Baboon, Warhog, some hippopotamus as well as a lot of reptiles.





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