7 Facts on Oliver Mobisson

7 Facts on Oliver Mobisson

(23rd of April 1943- 18th of February 2010)

  • He was born in Port Harcourt, Rivers State, Nigeria and he grew up with his parents in Imo State, Nigeria. He attended Christ the King College (secondary school) in Anambra state and he was an excellent student. He was granted a fellowship by the Nigerian Ministry of Education to study at Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). He enrolled in 1965.
  • During his years at MIT, he and some other students sent funds and resources to the Biafra soldiers during the Biafra war. They also publicly protested the Biafra war in the United States.
  • He and his wife Tama founded an organisation called Lifeline for Biafra. He returned to Nigeria in 1981 to help found Africa’s first computer technology University. He became a lecturer at the University called ASUTECH (Anambra State University of Science and Technology).
  • He was the head of the Industrial Development Centre at ASUTECH. There he developed the first black commercially produced line of personal computers and servers.
  • The president of Nigeria at the time Shehu Shagari described this as “blazing the trail for Nigeria’s quest for technological development”. 
  • He later went to work with NITEL (Nigerian Telecommunications Limited), where he and his colleagues constructed a telecommunications system that was able to connect every Nigerian via telephone. This was funded by the president of Nigeria at that time, Gen. Ibrahim Babangida.
  • He and his wife went on to have 4 children together, 2 sons and 2 daughters. One of his sons is a Nigerian- American artist called Jidenna. He retired after having a stroke and later died in Norwood Massachusetts of a heart attack.
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