8 facts on Nefertiti

8 facts on Nefertiti
  • She was an Egyptian queen, the wife of king Ahkenaton (also known as Aton), who reigned in the 14th century BC.
  • She is widely known for her beauty, her name means “a beautiful woman has come”. Some historians claim to have traced her roots to northern Syria but little is known of her ancestral lineage. She is however, known to have had a sister called Mutnodjmet.
  • She bore 6 daughters for her husband, 2 of whom later became queen of Egypt.
  • Early images of Nefertiti were found on Theban tombs. Her husband made the god Aton (a sun god)the main god in Egypt, placing Aton before the other gods. Nefertiti was revered as the divine feminine element in the spiritual triad between Aton, Ahkenaton and herself.
  • She was seen as the goddess of fertility and her beauty and feminine physique were greatly emphasised on the drawings on the temple and tomb walls.
  • In her husbands 12th year as king, one of her daughters died and three of them disappeared. Nefertiti’s body was never found and there is no tomb or evidence of her death.
  • Egyptologists claim that she outlived her husband and her body is perhaps one of the bodies found in the hiding place of royal mummies in the valley of the kings.
  • In 1912 a group of German archaeologists found a portrait bust of Nefertiti lying in the ruins of the workshop of Thutmose in Amarna (a current archeological site showing the remains of the ancient capital city).


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