African Mythology: Osun

African Mythology: Osun

Osun is a Yoruba Orisha( a spirit/ deity that depicts one of the characters of the supreme being). Osun is in charge of love, passion, sexuality, beauty, fertility, rivers, pleasures, destiny and divination. She is said to be the second wife of Shango ( the Orisha of fire and tornadoes). The Osun river can be found in the south west of Nigeria and the Osun-osogbo grove is a sacred area along the banks of the Osun river    with shrines and sculptures of Osun and other deities. To read more about the Osun-osogbo grove  Click here .

She is associated with the Hindu deity called mother Ganges, the Brazilian patron saint, our lady of Aparecida and in Trinidad St. Philomena. Yoruba folklore states that she fell in love with Shango at a drum festival and became his second wife. Though she is his second wife, she is said to be the most significant wife. Some folktales also suggest that she was married to Orunmila( Orisha of wisdom).


Osun’s main colour is gold/deep yellow, in Trinidad she is associated with the colour pink. Osun worshippers leave her sacrifices at rivers, streams and canals. Osun is said to be e female deity that taught all the other male deities that the female energy is required in whatever they choose to do. She is associated with the solar plexus and heart chakra.

International superstar Beyoncé, is said to have used Osun references during her performance at the 2017 Grammys and the video of the song “hold up” on the Lemonade album.


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