Everything Good Will Come

Everything Good Will Come

Everything good will come, is a fictional novel written by a Nigerian Author called Sefi Atta. It is a story of 2 girls called Enitan and Sheri. They were next door neighbours growing up but they ended up having different life experiences. The story shows how their friendship plays out over a 25 year period.

Enitan the main character, grew up in Lagos, Nigeria with a very religious mother and a father who was a successful lawyer uninterested in religious practices. She grew up as an only child, her younger brother died before she turned 10. Her parents marriage began to fall apart after that, her mother was very unhappy. She was also very protective of Enitan and did not like her talking to her neighbour, Sheri who was from a polygamous Muslim home. Sheri was way more exposed than Enitan and seemed to be more interested in boys from a young age.

They ended up going to different boarding secondary schools in the 1970s but they never lost touch. As teenagers Sheri was a social butterfly who started having boyfriends at a young age while Enitan was an awkward intelligent young girl who always spoke her mind. Their friendship makes a u-turn after Sheri gets raped and Goes through a couple of other tragedies. Enitan’s parents end up getting divorced. She leaves the country not too long after she’s done with her secondary education,to complete her studies in the United Kingdom. She ends up being a lawyer like her father and Sheri goes on to become a beauty queen.

The story goes on to show them as grown women in their 30s and how they managed to reconnect as friends. The author was able to show social and political issues Nigerians were facing (especially the military rule). The novel covers a wide range of topics from infidelity to infertility, marriage, rape, incarceration, depression and religion. This is a compelling novel and I definitely will suggest you read it.


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