Frances Cress Welsing

Frances Cress Welsing

(March 18th 1935 – January 2nd 2016)

She was an American Psychiatrist, author and speaker born in Chicago to a father who was a physician and a mother who was a teacher. She is well known for her Afrocentric publications. Her most famous work is the book The Isis Papers: The keys to the colors, published in 1991. Please note this book has no link to any terrorist group/organisation.


In the book she described White Supremacy as a global power system that is based on the genetic survival of the white race. This is due to caucasians being in the minority of the world’s population and the majority of the population being non-white. The black gene is dominant, and when a white person and black person have a baby, the child will still have melanin (“colour”). According to Dr. Frances Cress Welsing, White supremacists see this as possible genetic annihilation. Welsing states in her book, “any neurotic drive for supremacy is founded upon a deep and pervading sense of inadequacy and inferiority”. This sense of inadequacy is mainly subconscious, the both the perpetrators and the victims are largely unaware of this. This subconscious fear is even played out in games. In the game of snooker, the smaller white ball is used to hit the coloured balls into the holes and the black ball is left as the last ball standing.

Welsing attributes the irrational violence against black males not only during slavery but also in modern times to this sense of inadequacy. She goes on to say that when black men were lynched in the late 19th century and early 20th century, they were also Castrated. Today, you see innocent black men being gunned down by the police. The reason the males are targeted more than the females is because men are more likely to impose and initiate sexual contact. Men are also seen as the protectors of the community.

There is also a sense of virility associated with the black male. In the late 20th century, statistics showed higher birth rates amongst black people. The white supremacist system has however made sure the black man is in no position to compete economically. This can be seen through the mass incarceration system. The assassination of prominent black leaders, has put fear in some black people causing them to submit to the system.

The book also cites examples of white people such as the renowned author Mark Twain, talking about the beauty of black and brown brown skin in comparison with his own skin. Welsing believes this desire for colour causes white people to tan despite the high rates of skin cancer caused by too much exposure to the sun.

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