Identifying a toxic relationship

Identifying a toxic relationship

Most of us have trouble identifying the toxic people in our lives. This is because anyone can be toxic, even those who seem sweet and innocent. This is why we often end up in toxic relationships. These relationships  are not always romantic, you could have toxic friends, family members, coworkers and neighbours. However, the closest people to us, can hurt us the most.

Here are 5 simple ways to identify toxic relationships:

  • Violation of personal boundaries 

Anyone who wants to be in your life should respect your personal boundaries. People can violate your boundaries by going through phone or personal belongings, touching or grabbing you without your permission. People can also violate your mental and emotional boundaries. You know your emotional boundaries are being violated when you are constantly sacrificing  your plans, goals and even dreams to please someone else.

  • Constant Criticism 

Though criticism can be quite helpful to people, being overly critical can negatively impact one’s self esteem. When you feel like you just can’t do anything right, you probably are in a toxic relationship.

  • Disrespect & Humiliation

Being in a relationship with someone who disrespects you can drive you crazy and lower your self worth. Anyone who constantly undermines you or makes fun of you in public might be toxic to you. Some people do this because they are very insecure, so picking on others might make them feel better about themselves.

  • Control issues

Most people only speak about control issues in romantic or family (E.g. A controlling parent) relationships, friends can also be very controlling. Examples of controlling behaviour might be; telling someone how to behave, how to look, who to talk to and even deciding their future plans for them. Extreme examples include restricting movement and forcing your beliefs (I.e spiritual or personal) on others.

  • Envy

This can be very dangerous, yet it is one of the most difficult to spot. Envy is often very subtle, you need to pay close attention to spot it. People who are envious of you can sometimes seem happy for you. Pay attention to those who always seem to be in unnecessary competition with you and always find ways to undermine your progress.

Calling someone toxic does not make the person bad. The people who hurt you are probably hurting as well. This is however, not an excuse. You can walk away from a toxic relationship.


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