Moremi Ajasoro

Moremi Ajasoro

Moremi is a Yoruba princess from Offa in Kwara state, who lived in the 12th century. She married into the royal family of Ile Ife (Oduduwa’s family) and was very beautiful and brave.

The people of Ile Ife at the time were at war with a neighbouring tribe, who captured the people of Ile Ife and used them as servants in their own land. Moremi offered sacrifices to the river spirit, Esimirin so she could know the weaknesses of her enemies. Once Esimirin agreed to grant her heart desires, he asked her to sacrifice her son, Olurogbo to him. She agreed to his demands.

She was soon captured by the enemies, she was diligent and observant and her beauty soon caught the eye of the King. He ended up falling in love with her and he married her. As queen, she spied and discovered the secrets of the king’s army and political system of the land. She escaped to the Yoruba land to reveal these secrets to her people. They were able to capture their enemies, due to the information she provided.

Upon her return, her husband Oramiyan had her reinstated as his princess. The Edi festival is celebrated today in order to honour the sacrifice Moremi made for the Yoruba people.



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