Natural Menustral Cramp Remedies

Natural Menustral Cramp Remedies

Most women dread the “time of the month” due to the pain, bloating and constantant fear of blood staining your clothes in public . My biggest issue is the  pain, I find myself depending on Ibuprofen to get through the day. I recently decided to try natural remedies and to let go of the pain killers because of the potential side effects. Here are a few natural remedies, I believe will be of our great help.

  • Avoid Certain Foods

Feeling bloated during your period is often caused by water retention. Consumption of fizzy drinks, salty food, caffeine and alcohol can lead to water retention. You should cut down on your meat intake because meat is a source of unhealthy fats. Fish is a better option because it contains omega 3 fats, which help to reduce pain and inflammation.

  • Tea

I strongly recommend Caffeine free herbal tea. Chamomile tea will help to relax your muscles by increasing urinary levels of glycine. Homemade ginger tea (ginger and hot water) is also an effective form of pain relief.

  • Applying heat

Placing a a hot water bottle or a heat pad on your tummy can help to relieve menustral cramps. Studies have shown that this is as effective as taking painkillers.

  • Having an Orgasm

A vaginal orgasm triggers the release of neurotransmitters such as endorphins and oxytocin in the body. Endorphins can decrease pain perception thereby increasing your tolerance for pain.

  • Drink water

If you stay hydrated your body is less likely to retain a lot of water, this will prevent bloating.

  • Dark leafy green vegetables 

Spinach and kale are a very good source of calcium. Calcium helps to relieve fatigue, control your appetite and relieve symptoms of depression.

  • Cutting down processed sugars

Processed sugar can lead to an imbalance in your blood sugar which will cause mood sings, headaches and lack of concentration. If you are craving something sweet, eat fruits such as pineapples and bananas instead.


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