Places to visit in Mozambique

Places to visit in Mozambique

The Republic of Mozambique is located in Southeast Africa, bordered by the Indian Ocean. Maputo is the capital and the largest city in Mozambique. The early settlers were Bantu speakers who migrated to the coastal areas through the Zambezi river around the 1st to 5th century AD. In 1898, the island of Mozambique was the capital of the Portuguese colony.

Fort Sao Sebastiao


This is the oldest intact fort still standing in sub-Saharan Africa. It is located on the island of Mozambique and it was constructed by the Portuguese in the 1500s.

Praia do Tofo


This is also known as Tofo beach located in a small fishing town called Tofo in Southeastern Mozambique. The town attracts a lot of tourists, it is used as a diving retreats because it is a good site to spot manta rays and whale sharks. There are also several beach villas in Tofo.

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Bazaruto National Park


This is a world heritage site located in the Inhambane province on the Bazaruto Archipelago made up of 6 Islands made up of 3,500 residents . The park was proclaimed on the 25th of May 1971. The national park was created to protect the habitat of marine turtles and Dugong. Coral reefs and marine birds can also be found on the Island.

Machilla Magic


This is found in a small fishing village called Macunhe, located on the Bazaruto Archipelago. Machilla magic is made up of over 50 independent artists working together. There are beautiful works of art to behold and purchase.



There are also few museums to visit such as the National Money museum, Governor’s palace and the natural history museum.


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