The Smart Money Woman

The Smart Money Woman

The Smart Money Woman is a book written by Arese Ugwu, a young Nigerian financial analyst. She wrote the Smart Money Woman to help young Africans make smarter financial  decisions (i.e. By learning to save and invest money) and to build a stable a financially stable future.



The book is written as a chick lit novel, about 5 women who live in Lagos, Nigeria. These women are all friends in the middle-upper middle class of the society. The main character is called Zuri, she is a 28 year old, single, self made woman with a well paying job and a fabulous apartment and yet she is in debt. Zuri is a big spender who lives above her means as most young ladies like herself do. She is not good at saving her money and is obsessed with designer handbags. She is soon faced with the a couple of problems (fibroids, owing rent, family troubles and a car in need of repair) that force her to be on the path of self improvement.Throughout the course of the book Zuri will learn how to save and invest money. The book helps to simplify the process of investing money.

Zuri’s friends, Adesua (a conservative lawyer with a lazy and unfaithful huband), Ladun (a high society housewife married to a man from a rich home), Lara (a top oil and gas executive in her 30s, who supports her mother and siblings financially) and Tami (a fashion designer with no concept of how to run a business and

still lives with her rich parents). The book also shows the different challenges these women face and how they are able to handle them. There is a lesson to be learned from each character’s story.

Romance and fashion are a crucial part of the book, as you will expect in most chic lit novel. Zuri meets a fabulous young man, who helps her on her journey to financial stability.





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